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Continue with blog post in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service. It will be about Messaging with Worker Service using Azure Service Bus.


Conway's Law, DDD, and Microservices

LinkedIn: Steve (ardalis) Smith

Twitter: @ardalis

Conway’s Law, DDD, and Microservices
Conway’s Law states that any organization that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure. This has significant impacts on how software is built, especially if microservices and/or Domain-Driven Design are adopted.

Reasons to use Bicep over Terraform

LinkedIn: Marcus Felling

Twitter: @MarcusFelling

Fetching Data and Content Negotiation with HttpClient in ASP.NET Core

LinkedIn: Marinko Spasojevic

Twitter: @CodeMazeBlog

OpenSleigh – state persistence part 3: the outbox pattern

LinkedIn: David Guida

Twitter: @DavideGuida82

Microservices architecture with Ocelot API gateway in Asp.Net Core

Running custom availability tests using Azure Functions

LinkedIn: Anuraj P

Twitter: @anuraj

Running custom availability tests using Azure Functions
This article shows you how create and run custom availability tests using Azure Functions. This is an update to the blog post about monitoring WebJobs using Application Insights, since Microsoft is deprecating the Load Test and Performance features, this is the recommended alternative for monitoring…

Authentication & Authorization in Microservices Architecture - Part I

LinkedIn: Tzachi Strugo

Authentication & Authorization in Microservices Architecture - Part I
About Behalf Behalf facilitates in-purchase financing for B2B buyers and sellers. As a fin...

Infer#: Interprocedural Memory Safety Analysis For C#

LinkedIn: Xin Shi

On Prem To The Cloud: Getting Started (Ep 1)

LinkedIn: Steven Murawski

Twitter: @StevenMurawski


LinkedIn: Steve Gordon

Twitter: @stevejgordon

Using source generators to generate a menu component in a Blazor app

LinkedIn: Andrew Lock

Twitter: @andrewlocknet

Using source generators to generate a menu component in a Blazor app
In this post I show how to create a source generator that can be used to automatically update a Blazor app’s menu component when a new component is added

Implementing Blazor CRUD using Mudblazor Component Library in .NET 5 – Detailed Guide

LinkedIn: Mukesh Murugan

Twitter: @codewithmukesh

Announcing .NET 6 Preview 1

LinkedIn: Richard Lander

Twitter: @runfaster2000

Announcing Entity Framework Core 6.0 Preview 1

LinkedIn: Jeremy Likness

Twitter: @jeremylikness

Satin: Microsoft’s latest AI-powered audio codec for real-time communications

LinkedIn: Jigar Dani and Sriram Srinivasan

A Step by Step Guide to Logging in ASP.NET Core 5

LinkedIn: EzzyLearning - Web Development

Twitter: @ezzylearning


Learning Lab

GitHub Learning Lab
Learn by doing, working with GitHub Learning Lab bot to complete tasks and level up one step at a time.


Cloud Maraton

Cloud Lunch and Learn
Cloud Lunch and Learn is a community initiative, provided by the community, for the community, to allow everyone to learn with sessions related to the Cloud, while they are enjoying their lunch and break.

Azure Live

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