Continue to work with how to create as simple as possible scheduling and exception handling for .NET Core Worker Services. This is next blog post in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service.

Started to learn new IaC framework, called Farmer. And writing about how to get started.


Design patterns in C# - The Adapter Pattern

LinkedIn: Carmel Eve

Twitter: @Carmel_Eve

Design patterns in C# - The Adapter Pattern | endjin
This blog is part of a series around design patterns. This post focuses on the adapter pattern. The adapter pattern is used to enable you to use the functionality defined by a class which is not compatible with the interfaces/architecture of your solution.

How to run ASP.NET Core & SQL Server from Docker

LinkedIn: Sam Walpole

Twitter: @dr_sam_walpole

How to run ASP.NET Core & SQL Server from Docker - Hashnode
I’ve recently gotten into using Docker in my development cycle and I’m really enjoying how much of a wonderful tool it is. One thing that always used to be a pain was setting up a development server to run SQL Server. Now with Docker, I can just spin...

5 Most Difficult Programming Languages in the World

LinkedIn: Lokajit Tikayatray

5 Most Difficult Programming Languages in the World
Esoteric programming language or Esolangs are the hardest programming languages. They are so difficult that hardly any software developer understands it.

Deploy ASP.NET Core Web Api on IIS

LinkedIn: Aram Tchekrekjian

Twitter: @AramT87

Deploy ASP.NET Core Web Api on IIS - Coding Sonata
Deploying ASP.Net Core Web Api on IIS is an easy task once you follow the correct steps to prepare your development and deployment environment

Labs from IaC Workshop #4: Implement immutable infrastructure on Azure with Pulumi - Part II

How to do blue-green testing with Azure Front Door and API Management

LinkedIn: Evgeny Borzenin

Twitter: @EvgenyBorzenin

Elasticsearch in ASP.NET Core

How to Call JavaScript Functions with C# in Blazor WebAssembly

LinkedIn: Marinko Spasojevic

Twitter: @CodeMazeBlog


What is .NET? What's C# and F#? What's the .NET Ecosystem? .NET Core Explained, what can .NET build?

LinkedIn: Scott Hanselman

Twitter: @shanselman

ASP.NET Core Series: PWA's with Blazor

Twitter: @danroth27 and @jeremylikness

ASP.NET Core Series: PWA’s with Blazor
Progressive Web Applications (PWA) use modern browser APIs and capabilities to behave like a desktop app. Since Blazor WebAssembly is a…


The Unhandled Exception Podcast

LinkedIn: Dan Clarke and Derek Comartin

Twitter: @dracan and @codeopinion

The Unhandled Exception Podcast
Software Development podcast hosted by Dan Clarke


LinkdeIn: Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper and Wesley Haakman

Twitter: @gregor_suttie and @Pixel_Robots and @whaakman

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