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Continue with blog post in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service. It will be about Messaging with Worker Service using Azure Service Bus.


Github Actions for Visual Studio Extension developers

LinkedIn: Cezary Piątek

Twitter: @cezary_piatek

Github Actions for Visual Studio Extension developers
How to completely automate continuous integration and release management of visual studio extensions.

Using Roles in Blazor WebAssembly Hosted Applications

LinkedIn: Marinko Spasojevic

Twitter: @CodeMazeBlog

Cars Island ASP .NET Core API - integration with Azure Service Bus Queue - part 5

LinkedIn: Daniel Krzyczkowski

Twitter: @DKrzyczkowski

Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 Preview 2 and New Year Wishes Coming to You!

LinkedIn: Jacqueline Widdis

Twitter: @JacqWiddis

Twitter: @code_guide

Implement Cookie Authentication in ASP.NET Core - Detailed Guide | Pro Code Guide
This article will get you started with implementing cookie-based authentication (without using Identity) in ASP.NET Core applications.

ARM Template Specs now Public Preview!

LinkedIn: Ángel M. Pérez

Twitter: @apclouds

ARM Template Specs now Public Preview!
TL;DR – Template Specs is a new resource type for storing ARM templates in your resource groups for f...

Windows Terminal Preview 1.6 Release

LinkedIn: Kayla Cinnamon

Twitter: @cinnamon_msft

Bus or Queue

LinkedIn: Steve (ardalis) Smith

Twitter: @ardalis

Bus or Queue
A common question I encounter is, “what is the difference between a message bus (or service bus) and a message queue?”


Cloud Native DevOps Bootcamp (Azure & AWS)

LinkedIn: Michael Levan

Twitter: @TheNJDevOpsGuy

Cloud Native DevOps Bootcamp (Azure & AWS)
Learn DevOps foundations by completing real-world projects, interacting with our community on weekly live Q&A calls, and prepare for the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert (AZ-400) certification exam with in-depth lectures and step-by-step guided video labs.

.NET Conf

Twitter: @dotnet (#dotNETConf)

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