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Continue to work with how to create as simple as possible scheduling and exception handling for .NET Core Worker Services. This is next blog post in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service.

Started another blog series about Node.js API. Decided to learn how to write production-ready API using TypeScript, tsoa and Node.js and here is the first blog post. The idea is to compare .NET Core API with Node.js API and find out probably some advantages and disadvantages with both technology and to give some recommendation which technologi to choose, when.


CQRS and MediatR in ASP.NET Core

Creating Real-Time Charts with Blazor WebAssembly and SignalR

LinkedIn: Vladimir Pecanac

Twitter: @CodeMazeBlog

Conway's Law, DDD, and Microservices

LinkedIn: Steve (ardalis) Smith

Twitter: @ardalis

Conway’s Law, DDD, and Microservices
Conway’s Law states that any organization that designs a system will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization’s communication structure. This has significant impacts on how software is built, especially if microservices and/or Domain-Driven Design are adopted.

Disassembly improvements for optimized managed debugging

LinkedIn: Mark Downie

Twitter: @poppastring

A New Era of Azure Functions Development

LinkedIn: Tatsuro Shibamura

Twitter: @shibayan

A New Era of Azure Functions Development
There were many exciting announcements at August’s Azure Functions Live, which was streamed on YouTub...

How to call isolated JavaScript code in .NET 5.0 Blazor projects with JSObjectReference

LinkedIn: Roman Simuta

Twitter: @RomanSimuta


The Developer’s Guide to Azure

The Developer’s Guide to Azure | Microsoft Azure
Start creating apps with the Developer’s Guide to Azure. Find all the information you need to develop modern applications using Azure, including demos and samples.


Future of C#

LinkedIn: Mads Torgersen

Twitter: @MadsTorgersen

Writing Visual Studio Extensions with Mads - Snippets

LinkedIn: Mads Kristensen

Twitter: @mkristensen

Cloud Skills Challenge

Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge

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