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I am still working on Set up CD using Azure DevOps Part 2. Here is work in progress preview.

Learned yesterday how to add server to the Azure DevOps Deployment group properly and updated my blog post about it.

From 01.09.2020 some of my blog post will be for payment customers only.

The prices will be


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Inspect and Mutate IQueryable Expression Trees

LinkedIn: Jeremy Likness

Twitter: @jeremylikness

Inspect and Mutate IQueryable Expression Trees
Learn how to build a custom query provider that intercepts the execution of IQueryable queries to snapshot and/or transform the expression. See examples of how to enforce an item limit and evaluate which parts of the filter succeeded or failed to provider the final enumerated result.

Get started with Docker and Containers

LinkedIn: Christoffer Noring

Twitter: @chris_noring

Get started with Docker and Containers.
Follow me on Twitter, happy to take your suggestions on topics or improvements /Chris Docker solves a lot of problems like: - Creating a reproduceable environment, great if you want Dev, Staging and Pro environment to look the same. - Helps with onboarding. Onboarding developers used to take wee…

Controlling IHostedService execution order in ASP.NET Core 3.x

LinkedIn: Andrew Lock

Twitter: @andrewlocknet

Controlling IHostedService execution order in ASP.NET Core 3.x
In this post I show how to control whether your IHostedService runs before or after the GenericWebHostService starts the Kestrel HTTP server

ASP.NET Core 5: Make your options immutable

LinkedIn: Anthony Giretti

Twitter: @anthonygiretti

Blazor vs Vue

LinkedIn: Jon Hilton

Twitter: @jonhilt

Blazor vs Vue for Web Developers
A comparison of Blazor and Vue when it comes to modern web development—a review of the pros and cons. Does Blazor stack up?

Azure Masterclass Series


ASP.NET Core WebAPI Clean Architecture

LinkedIn: Mukesh Murugan

Twitter: @codewithmukesh

ASP.NET Core WebAPI Clean Architecture - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Visual Studio - Loosely-Coupled and Inverted-Dependency Architecture in ASP.NET Core 3.1 WebApi Template with good design patterns and practices for enterprise application, so that you can get started in no time.


Build High-performance Microservices with gRPC and .NET

LinkeIn: James Newton-King

Twitter: @JamesNK

Web Development using BLAZOR WEBASSEMBLY! | Let's Build Flappy Bird WITHOUT JAVASCRIPT! (PART 1)

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