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Set up CD using Azure DevOps Part 1 in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service is published. Take a look. Here is Part 2 preview.

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In-Memory Caching in ASP.NET Core – Detailed Guide

LinkedIn: Mukesh Murugan

Twitter: @codewithmukesh

Testing ARM Templates

LinkedIn: Barbara Forbes

Twitter: @Ba4bes

Introducing C# 9: Extending Partial Methods

LinkedIn: Anthony Giretti

Twitter: @anthonygiretti

Conditional Middleware in ASP.NET Core 3.1

LinkedIn: Thomas Adams

Twitter: @tjackadams

Conditional Middleware in ASP.NET Core 3.1
This post looks at how to configure ASP.NET Core middleware in a way that allows you to have different middleware applied to different routes.

Blazor WebAssembly Authentication with ASP.NET Core Identity

LinkedIn: Marinko Spasojevic

Twitter: @MareSpasojevic

Hashicorp’s Terraform AzureRM Provider v2.0 – Updates and Features

LinkedIn: April Edwards

Twitter: @TheAprilEdwards


How to write log queries in Azure Monitor

What is .NET? What's C# and F#? What's the .NET Ecosystem? .NET Core Explained, what can .NET build?

LinkedIn: Scott Hanselman

Twitter: @shanselman

Building Azure Infrastructure with Terraform


Twitter: @CloudSkills_io

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