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In preparation for the next blog (Set up CD using Azure DevOps) in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service (, I will create a number of small blog posts. The first one out is Create Azure Windows Server. Take a look:


How to bring existing Azure resources under Terraform management

LinkedIn: Marcel Zehner

Twitter: @marcelzehner

C# progress report: Visual Studio and VSCode

GODOT Game Engine

Twitter: @godotengine

C# progress report: Visual Studio and VSCode
Godot is getting extensions for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, including debugging support and code completion of Godot strings.

Lack of Skills Threatens Digital Transformation

LinkedIn: Gartner

Twitter: @Gartner_inc


Twitter: @try_except_

Naming Applications and Microservices
Going bananas with naming microservices? This post proposes a guidelines to follow when naming internal applications and components.

Custom User Management in ASP.NET Core MVC with Identity

LinkedIn: Mukesh Murugan

Twitter: @codewithmukesh

Recap of Cloud Stories from Norway, Episode #1 with Vipps guest starring: API management at scale and automating DevOps pipelines

LinkedIn: Maxim Salnikov

Twitter: @webmaxru


Infrastructure As Code Explained

LinkedIn: Dave Farley

Twitter: @davefarley77

Thanks for nice post image to Gunnar Ridderström for sharing their work on Unsplash.

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