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The first blog post in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service (  is published.

Take a look

Comments and suggestions are very welcome! Next blog post will be: Set up CI/CD using Azure DevOps

NDC Oslo 2020 Special

This week the biggest event in the .NET word took place in Oslo. The agenda is here:

I joined two days' workshop about Blazor: Blazor and the future of .NET web apps with Steve Sanderson(@stevensanderson) and Chris Sainty (Twitter: @chris_sainty).

Here is agenda:

And source code with Instructions here:

I have created my own public Azure DevOps project where I am using a little bit different solution architecture. I am used to split frontend and backend in the different repositories and make them completely independent. Take a look:

In general workshop was amazing and I love the technology. Big thanks to Steve and Chris.


NDC Oslo 2020 - Keynote: Keep Talking - Dylan Beattie(Twitter: @dylanbeattie)

All recordings from Room 10 with NDC Party on Thursday

NDC Oslo - Thursday - Room 1

NDC Oslo - Friday - Room 1

With Keynote: Journey to One .NET - Scott Hunter(Twitter: @coolcsh)

Thanks for nice post image to Ian Schneider for sharing their work on Unsplash.