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I am working on first post in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service. Take a  look at the preview. Comments and suggestions are very welcome!

I am still planning to publish it during next week.



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ASP.NET Core WebSockets and Application Lifetime Shutdown Events
WebSockets in ASP.NET Core are easy to use but due to the simple model it’s easy to forget that socket requests are long lived and can linger for a long time in the background and that can cause problems when an application needs to shut down cleanly. Luckily there’s an `IHostApplicationLifetime` in…


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Azure Devops vs GitHub

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Azure DevOps vs GitHub: comparing Microsoft’s DevOps twins
Azure DevOps vs GitHub? Lars compares Microsoft’s DevOps twins head-to-head on CI/CD, project management, and beyond.

EdDSA for JWT Signing in .NET Core

LinkedIn: Scott Brady

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EdDSA for JWT Signing in .NET Core
A primer on EdDSA and how to use it for JWT signing in .NET Core using Bouncy Castle and ScottBrady.IdentityModel.

Azure Pipelines YAML Trigger OverviewAzure Pipelines YAML Trigger Overview

LinkedIn: Pasi Huuhka

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Azure Pipelines YAML Trigger Overview
I was recently asked about the different triggers in Azure Pipelines YAML. Let’s take a closer look at what is offered and how to use them.

Channel 9

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ASP.NET Core Series: Blazor
ASP.NET Core is our open-source, cross-platform framework for building modern, cloud-enabled, Internet-connected apps. In this series of…

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