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I am working on first post in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service. Take a  look at the preview. Comments and suggestions are very welcome!

I am still planning to publish it during next week.

Fluent Validation in ASP.NET Core 3 – Powerful Validations

Twitter: @codewithmukesh

ARM Template what-if deployment

LinkedIn: Barbara Forbes

Twitter: @Ba4bes

5 more things about enums in C#

LinkedIn: Davide Bellone

Twitter: @BelloneDavide

How our 99th percentile response time went from 4000 ms to sub 10 ms

LinkedIn: Almir Mesic

Twitter: @almirmesic

Channel 9

ASP.NET Core Series: MVC and Razor Pages

LinkedIn: Daniel Roth and Jeremy Likness

Twitter: @danroth27 and @jeremylikness


Thanks for nice post image to Yannik Mika for sharing their work on Unsplash.