Sergey .NET

I am working on first post in the blog series about .NET Core Worker Service. Take a  look at the preview. Comments and suggestions are very welcome!

I am planning to publish it during next week.

Microsoft Build 2020 On Demand

Watch and learn. A lot of good stuff.

Building a Progressive Web App with Blazor

Blazor is finally released!

LinkedIn: Jon Galloway

Twitter: @jongalloway

Car Checker Blazor sample

How to send .Net Core NuGet packages to Azure Artifacts

LinkedIn: Wesley Camargo

Twitter: @CamargoWes

ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 4

LinkedIn: Sourabh Shirhatti

Twitter: @sshirhatti

Microsoft PowerToys Run is simply amazing

LinkedIn: Jussi Roine

Twitter: @JussiRoine

Welcome to C# 9.0

LinkedIn: Mads Torgersen

Twitter: @MadsTorgersen

Windows Package Manager Preview

LinkedIn: Demitrius Nelon

Twitter: @DenelonMs

Windows Terminal 1.0

LinkedIn: Kayla Cinnamon

Twitter: @cinnamon_msft

Project Tye

LinkedIn: Amineta Lo

Twitter: @amiee_lo


LinkedIn: Ali Spittel

Twitter: @ASpittel


ARM Template Viewer

LinkedIn: Ben Coleman

Twitter: @BenCodeGeek


PowerPoint Research With Coach

LinkedId: Gregor Suttie

Twitter: @gregor_suttie

Entity Framework Core Part 5

LinkedIn: Robert Green and Phil Japikse

Twitter: @skimedic and @rogreen_ms

Delivering talks to a web camera - Speaker craft for remote presenters

LinkedIn: Sonia Cuff

Twitter: @SoniaCuff


What is Azure Web Application Firewall?

LinkedIn: Tobias Zimmergen and Jussi Roine

Twitter: @zimmergren and @JussiRoine

Thanks for nice post image to Markus Winkler for sharing their work on Unsplash.