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I started to write about .NET Core Worker Services. The first blog post are coming soon and will be about how to create and install Worker Service as Windows Service. Here is the plan:

Let me know in the comments about your experience with Worker Services or just your thoughts about it.

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App configuration service

LinkedIn: Sven Malvik

Twitter: @SvenMalvik

Azure DevOps

LinkedIn: Nick Korte

Azure Services Overview

LinkedIn: Alexey Polkovnikov

Use nested ARM template to provision User Assigned Managed Identity and add access policy to key-vault from different subscription

LinkedIn:  Evgeny Borzenin

Twitter: @EvgenyBorzenin

Writing More Succinct C#

Twitter: @dracan

LinkedIn: Dan Clarke

Pinned Object Heap in .NET 5

Twitter: @konradkokosa

LinkedId: Konrad Kokosa

Why null in C# is so bad

Twitter: @MiguelBernard88

LinkedIn: Miguel Bernard

Azure Service Bus

Twitter: @mark_heath

Linkedin: Mark Heath

Singleton vs Scoped vs Transient

LinkedIn: Golda Gnanaselvi

Microsoft Build 2020

LinkedIn: Scott Hanselman


Microsoft online survey

Improve Terraform experience with Azure


SonarQube in Docker

LinkedIn: Ashish Singh Baghel

Twitter: @mechDeveloper1

Security DevOps Kit for Azure

Visual Studio Code integration

LIVE virtual workshop

Terraform on Azure: Infrastructure as Code from Scratch

LinkedIn: Mike Pfeiffer, Luke Orellana, Michael Levan

Twitter: @mike_pfeiffer, @LukeOrellana, @TheNJDevOpsGuy

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