Navigate to your Azure DevOps account, if you don't have one create a new one as described here.

I am going to create a new Azure DevOps public project, but you can choose between public or private project here

Create new project 

I will call it ARMTemplates. One hint here: don't use any spaces in the name. And use Description field to give a good description for your project

Click Create

Your are done! Project looks like this

ARM Templates project

Invite some Team members or keep going.

To take a look at my project, here is the link:

By default Azure DevOps create a repository with the same name. Go to Repos


If you want to create a new repository, just click on + New repository

Create a new repository

Give a repository name and choose VisualStudio gitignore file.

Normally when we are using any IDE like Visual Studio or other, it creates for us a lot of files locally and these files are only for local use, like caching, bin and obj directory. Gitignore is the file where you can specify which files git should ignore and these files will not be pushed to Azure DevOps repo.

Click on Create.

Create a new Azure DevOps Account

My public ARMTemplates repo