In this blog series I am going to show you how to create production ready Worker Services. We are going to touch all modern technics like DDD (Domain Driven Design), Async/Await pattern, testing and much more. To follow along you just need a basic knowledge of C#. I am going to show and explain everything as good as I can. Source Code will be in my Azure DevOps public project called Worker Service or in the GitHub if you prefer that.

The topics in this course will be following:

  • What is Worker Service and why you should care about
  • Create and install our first Worker Service as Windows Service
  • Set up CI using Azure DevOps for Worker Service
  • Set up CD using Azure DevOps for Worker Service
  • Scheduling and exception handling for Worker Service
  • Logging to Application Insights for Worker Service
  • Domain Driven Design and Worker Service
  • Configure Entity Framework Core with Worker Service
  • Messaging with Worker Service using Azure Service Bus
  • Subscribe to events with Worker Service using FileSystemWatcher as example
  • Work efficiently with Big Data using Worker Service
  • Testing with database in the memory for Worker Service
  • Migrate Worker Service to Azure Functions

Did I forget something? Are you using Worker Service in Production? What kind of experience do you have with Worker Services? Let me know in the comments.

Keep learning!

Thanks for nice post image to Anisur Rahman for sharing their work on Unsplash.