Here is the link to the "home page" for this blog series.

To get started with .NET Core download SDK from here. Currently version is 2.2

.NET Core

I am using Windows that's why I am choosing Download .NET Core SDK for Windows and we are going to build Apps.

Choose where you want to store executable. I created the folder dotnet_core and picked this folder

.NET Core Executable

Click on Save and run this file by double click on it.

.NET Core SDK Install

Click on Install

Wait for a while and

.NET Core successful installation 

Click on Close

Open your favorite command line tool, I am using cmder, cam be download from here. This tool is just amazing and I think it's the best command line tool for windows.

To check the installation, run following command

dotnet --list-sdks

The output looks like this

dotnet --list-sdks

I have multiple SDK's installed, but you will probably see only the latest version, you've just installed.

Now we have to install an editor or so called An integrated development environment(IDE). To work with C# code I prefer to use Visual Studio. Download it from here. If you have an MSDN license, then choose the appropriate subscription. If you don't have one just pick the Community one.

Microsoft Visual Studio subscription

To work with C# or other languages, you can also use Visual Studio Code. Download it from here. As I pointed before I prefer to use Visual Studio when I am writing C# and Visual Studio Code when I am working with other languages.

The installation of both tools are very easy. But if you need a guide how to do it, take a look here

Now we are ready to write some code. In this blog we are going to create our very first API project using ASP.NET Core Web Application project template. Or if you did it a couple of times and prefer using command line follow this.

Here is the link to the "home page" for this blog series.

Let me know in the comments if you experienced any troubles or if you have any feedbacks. Don't forget to subscribe to get news from Sergey .NET directly to your mailbox.

Download cmder

Download Microsoft Visual Studio

Download Visual Studio Code

Guide how to install Visual Studio

Guide how to install Visual Studio Code

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