Log in to your Azure Account, if you don't have one read this article and create Azure AD B2C as described here.

Click on All resources and find your Azure AD B2C tenant and click on it.

Click on Azure AD B2C Settings

Azure AD B2C Tenant

Choose your account and click on Azure AD B2C Settings.

Click on Identity providers

Click on Add

We are choosing Google as Identity provider

And now we have to registry our app in the google console to get Client ID and Client secret

Add identity provider

Read this blog post how to do it.

Set up the client id and secret

Paste Client ID and Client secret and click OK and then Create.

Now we have got Google as Identity provider

Identity providers

Now we have to define User flows. I am going to follow this microsoft tutorial.

Click on User attributes

Azure AD B2C - User flows

Click on New user flow

Select a user flow type

Choose Sign up and sign in flow

Spesify Name, choose Google and Email signup. We are not going to activate multifactor authentication.

Click on Show more and choose following attributes. This is just example, you can choose here what you want.

User Attributes and claims

Click Create.

Azure AD B2C - User flows (policies)

Create Azure Account

Create Azure Active Directory(AD) B2C

Tutorial: Create user flows in Azure Active Directory B2C

Create Google Project