In this blog post we are going to create Windows Server in Azure.

Login to your Azure Portal. If you don't have one, read my blog post here.

Click on + Create a resource

Create a resource

Click on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

Fill out the information

First choose the Subscription create new resource group by clicking on Create new

Provide the name and click on OK.

Then provide the name for the Server and find the closest Region where you live. I am living in Norway and the closest region for me is West Europe.

Instance details

Then provide the admin username and password. Password should be at least 12 characters.

Administrator account

Remember username and password because you have to use it when you login to this server.

I am not going to change anything else and click on Review + create

Review + create

Then when validation is passed create the resource.


Now login to your server

Navigate to the just create resource group and click on WorkerServerDemo Virtual machine

Then click on Connect

Click on Download RDP File

Double click on downloaded file

Click on Connect and choose Use a different account

Provide the username and password and click on OK. You should see something like this.

Windows Server

If you like my post image, you can free download it from here.


Install latest PowerShell version. Download the msi installer for PowerShell from here. Install and restart the server.

.NET Core Bundle

Download and install .NET Core Bundle from here. Remember to download Hosting Bundle because  we are going to run server apps.

Azure Portal

Create Microsoft Azure Account

Download latest PowerShell

Download .NET Core Bundle