In this blog post we are going to create Azure PostgreSQL database.

Login to your Azure portal and click on Create a resource.

Login to your Azure Portal.

Click on + Create a resource

Choose Databases -> Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Choose Single server and click on Create.

Choose Subscription and choose existing Resource group or create a new one.

Provide Server details

I call my Server name as sergeydotnetdemoserver, there are three rules for the name

server name rules

Choose Location, I am living in Norway, so I chose West Europe. I also picked up latest version of PostgreSQL: 11 and default Computer + storage.

Now provide Administrator account details

There are also three rules for username

username rules

And three rules for password

password rules

And click on Create.

Navigate to your server and click on Connection Security.

And click on + Add current client IP address. Don't forget to click on Save.

Download and install PostgreSQL from here.

Start PgAdmin and right click on Servers -> Create -> Server...

Provide Name and click on Connection

Provide host name and your Username and Password

Click on Save.

And observe that you are connected to your Azure PostgreSQL server.

Congratulations you just created your first PostgreSQL server and default postgres database.

If you like my post image, you can free download it from here.

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Download PostgreSQL database