In this blog post we are going to create Azure MySQL database.

Login to your Azure portal and click on Create a resource.

Azure portal

If you don't have Azure account create it as I described here.

Find Database then Azure Database for MySQL and click on it

Azure Database for MySQL

Choose existing Resource Group or Create a new one

Then provide server details, remember all this, you are going to use it later.

Click on Configure Server and choose Basic tier with default configuration

Basic Pricing tier

And Click on OK

Click on Review and Create.

Now download MySQL workbench from

And connect to database by clicking on Database -> Connect to Database...

Connect to Database

Provide values we created when we created Azure MySQL server

Hostaname you find in Azure Portal -> click on Azure Database for MySQL server resource and in the overview blade you find Server name. It looks like For Port just use the default value.

Username has a strange format: admin [email protected] name and Password you don't have to define now.

If you get error message like this

Firewall error

Open your Azure Database for MySQL server resource and find Setting then Connection security


Connection security

Click on Add client IP and Enforce SSL connection should be DISABLED. Save everything and try again.

Now connect to database using this new connection.

Now we have to create a database. Click on database icon

Provide the name

New schema

Click on Apply

Click on Apply once more.

Congratulations you just created your first MySQL database.

Create Azure account

Azure portal

MySQL workbench download