Why should you care about Azure AD B2C, you can read here.

To follow along you need to create Azure Account. Read this blog post how to do it.

Log in to your Azure Account

Click on Create a resource and start typing azure ac

Azure Active Directory B2C

Choose Azure Active Directory B2C

Click on Create

Now we have to create new Azure AD B2C Tenant

Click on Create a new Azure AD B2C Tenant

Choose organisation name, domain name and Country.

Azure AD B2C Tenant

I chose dotnetb2c as organization name and domain. I leave in Norway, so I picked this choice. Wait a while and the tenant is created.

Now click on Link an existing Azure AD B2C Tenant to my Azure subscription

Create new B2C Tenant

Choose Tenant we just created

Choose subscription and Resource Group. I have only one subscription called sergeydotnet and I choose to create a new Resource Group.

Click on blue text Create new and provide the Name

New Resource Group

Choose also location for Resource Group

Azure AD B2C Resource

Click on Create.

Now if you click on All resources

All resources

You see your Azure AD B2C Tenant.

Azure AD B2C: Authentication protocols