Go to https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/free/

It's kind of unbelievable,  you got 12 month free usage of popular services. Just forget about all VM's, servers and all this stuff you have at home:-)

Click on Start free button

If you already have en Microsoft account then log in or choose Create one!

Read my blog here how to create Microsoft Account or just proceed

Create account

Click on Get a new email address

New email

Choose new email

Create a password

Create a password. If you want to get information from Microsoft, select the check the box. Click the Next button

Enter the characters you see

Enter the characters  you see

Fill out the form

Azure account

 Click Next

Then specify your card information, don't be afraid it is only used as Microsoft tell you to verify your identity

Fill out and click Next

You have to agree to the subscription agreement, offer details, and privacy statement.

Click on  Sign up and click on Go to the portal green button

And voilà, you are done!

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure