In this blog post I am going to show how to create Azure Storage account.

Login to the Azure portal, if you are using it first time you have to create account and here I have explained how to do it.

Click on Create a resource

Create a resource

Start to write Storage account

Storage account

Click on Storage account

Create storage account

Click create

Create storage account

Choose Resource group or create a new one, provide Storage account name and Location.

The rest is default.

Click on Review + create and create.

To work with azure storage account you can download a great tool called Microsoft Azure Cloud Explorer. You can download this tool from here.

Start Azure Storage Cloud Explorer, login to your subscription and create first blob.

Create Blog Container

Right click on Blob Container and select Create Blog Container

Provide the name and click enter.

Our first blob are created and looks like this.

Now we are going to create File Share.

Right click on File Shares

File Shares

Choose Create File Share

Provide the name and click enter, remember only small letters.


Create Azure account

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer